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Firstly, thank you for visiting my site.

For many years I have been interested and fascinated by airbrush art but because of other work commitments I haven't had the chance to spend as much time as I would like to my interest. After 16 years of running my own business I decided that it was time to make a change and persue a career that I am passionate about, and devote my time to airbrushing.

Through taking advice and courses I have learned from many experienced people in many different aspects of art and airbrushing, and have tried to introduce my own style into my work, making for unique projects.

I enjoy all aspects of airbrushing and custom painting including flames and special effects although I specialise in skulls and pin ups/portraits, however, I am as happy to source referances to get exactly what you want. Another area that has been of interst to me is restoration work and have recently taken on a few projects which i find both a challenge and satisfying.

Your input is very important to me from the beginning to the end of the project, therefore I give you as much freedom and choice as possible regarding all the details, and I try to contact you regularly to let you know how the project is progressing or if i feel there may be additional ideas that you might like me to include. I also have color chart's that you can look through with many different variations of paint ranging from standard opaque colours right through to the special effect paints.

I take pride in the fact that I see the project through from beginning to end, which entails all preperation work, art work, custom/restoration painting, lacquering and final finish. I do not send any work out to third parties, that way I can ensure the finished product is of the highest standard. However, should your project be at a stage where you have prepped the vehicle/item and are wanting only art-work or custom paint to be sprayed, that can be arranged and I am able to travel to your destination should you need me too. This being the case I obviously can't guarantee any part of the process I haven't been involved in.

Prices will vary from job to job depending on the complexity and size of the work being done. If required or preferred a working drawing can be done at a cost of 50, however should you decide to go ahead with the full job in my dust free dehumidified environment, this will be deducted from the final cost.

For each and every commisioned piece of work that I do, I keep detailed individual files of colours, masks, stencils etc, so that should anything unforseen happen in the future to your artwork, it can be repaired or touched up as close as possible to the originial

Please take some time to check out my gallery, and should you see something that you like, feel free to contact me and I will come up with a similary styled but individual idea for you.

Look forward to working with you soon!

Jon Bonser

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