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Q: Do you do body work or repairs?

A: I have resources for body work and repairs and can organise it for you if you wish, but I am primarily an art, paint and design studio. This allows me to do the BEST for you.

I can handle minor repairs in house (stone chips, scratches, minor dents etc) but major repairs and fabrication I like to leave to the experts. This insures your project is the best quality on every level.

Q: Are you able to design something for me or do we need to bring in a picture?

A: Air-Brush-Art is a full design and art studio. I can work with you on a concept from scratch, I can work with your concepts into finished art, or I can work from a picture that you want done.

The main thing is making sure you're happy with the finished job. If you have a picture you want and I'm able to work from it; great! If I have to draw something from scratch to get you what you want, then thats what I'll do. I am also more than happy to source reference ideas for you, and help you along in anyway to get exactly what you are looking for.

Q: What are your Office/Studio hours? Are you available after hours or on the weekend?

A: I tend not to keep regular working hours, depending on the artwork/job I am working on I can often be found in my studio until the early hours.

You can contact me by phone, E-mail or MSN at any time, however should you wish to make a visit to my studio then it is best for you to make an appointment as I am sometimes at meetings with clients, working on site or in the middle of a project.

Q: Is there anything you don't paint or won't accept?

A: Unlike a lot of other Airbrush Artist's I will do my best to cater for all your art work needs.

If I have an issue or have doubts about your project I will make them very clear to you in our initial meeting/conversation.

Q: I have a bike fuel tank that I am looking to get some art work on but there is a spot of rust on it. Can you still spray this for me?

A: It is preferred that anything being sprayed is in good condition. However, should the project be damaged prior to it coming into the workshop then unfortunately extra costs will be incurred to rectify the problem before work can commence.

Q: I have a ........., how much would it cost for you to spray some artwork onto it?

A: The simple answer is "I dont know" !! You need to be specific when asking for prices. I need to know what it is your looking to have painted on your items so I will have some idea of the time it will take me to paint it and the amount of materials i will need, before I can give you an idea of the price.

You will be given a final price after we have discussed all the details. Please be aware that should you decide to make any alterations after this point additional costs may be incurred.

Q: How much does it cost? Can I get a ball-park price?

A: Better phrased as How long is a piece of string? Every custom job is just that; Custom.

Every airbrush job from Air-Brush-Art studios takes into account all the individual aspects of the job at hand.

There are two main things to keep in mind; the first is that the more coverage of the vehicle and the more detailed the artwork, the higher the price will be. The second is that it is a very good idea to have a budget in mind. This helps me to work out the best design, concept and artwork for you and your project.

Q: How long does it take?

A: Time to do airbrush work on vehicles varies greatly depending on the amount of coverage on the vehicle and the detail of the work going on those panels, it is also dependant on what other projects I have in at the time, but this will be discussed with you prior to starting your work.

A single bike tank or car bonnet may take 1-2 weeks where as a whole car or complete bike may take from 4 weeks.

The best idea is to call me on 07886 593 173 and discuss your projects time needs.

Q: Where is Air-Brush-Art Studios located?

A: My studio is in Ibstock, Leicestershire UK, easily accesible from the M1 jnc 22. Directions are available via my contacts page.

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